Use of RSS Feeds For Your Blog

It is a common practice to implement RSS feed for your blog. With this technique, you can make the content of your site more interesting and customized, making it more interesting to the reader.

An RSS feed is a list of links that is delivered via an online server to readers. It is like email. You could see the web page you are visiting being mirrored and relayed to your email inbox.

It can be seen as a sort of list of posts when you post whenever you like. It is also not like a traditional website where each page is written in its own place. Instead, it is more similar to a blog.

With the information age, everyone’s cyber world has become a medium of communication. It is now possible to create your own online community with RSS feeds. This makes sharing among friends more convenient.

Of course, it is not just for new sites. With the technology of today, anyone with an internet connection can subscribe to an RSS feed from any of the sites.

Sites that offer such service include Daily Infomercials, Yahoo Answers, MySpace, Blogger, Gmail, Facebook, etc. However, most popular among them is Google Reader. Users with RSS subscriptions to such sites can view and read from any site they choose.

An RSS feed is created when a content provider publishes the content of their blog or other site through their own website. The content provider puts a link on their own site and sends it to the readers through the Internet. This is possible through HTML in the page or via JavaScript.

Since RSS feeds are not static websites, we cannot claim that each RSS feed is automatically created. Content providers are always the ones who are the primary ones in creating RSS feeds.