RSS Submission

When searching for content syndication software to handle RSS Feeds on your website, you’ll find that many of them are unsuitable to the tasks at hand. You’ll end up using the wrong type of software for your RSS Feeds needs.

Unfortunately, it is quite easy to get the wrong type of RSS software to handle your RSS feeds. You’ll find that a number of the tools available today won’t work. Some are merely a waste of time and money. The correct tools are necessary to help ensure the success of your RSS feed subscriptions.

Your RSS subscription will take time to build. When SEO tools are used for syndication in place of a feed, you’ll find that the results will not be as fast as they could be. The time it takes to build a channel can reduce the reach of the RSS feed and lower your search engine rankings. In addition, you need to be sure that the software you select is able to handle your subscriber submissions. Any program that offers you custom submission forms is not suitable for your RSS feed requirements.

The first thing to do is to develop a list of keywords for your RSS feed subscriptions. The more keywords you have for each niche that you are in, the faster you’ll be able to complete the RSS submission process. You’ll also want to use keyword sources that are listed with great directories such as or

Once you have created your list of keyword sources, take the time to check out those that rank high on the search engines. These can be done by looking at the top pages of,, or The average page rank for a popular page is around the 7th page on The average page rank for a page ranking in the top 10 of is around the 3rd page.

It is essential that you use the right tools to help with RSS submission to avoid wasting your time and money. The most important is to find software that works for your website. If you aren’t able to provide a system that is built to handle RSS Feeds and the subscribers to those feeds, you’ll waste your time and your money.

There are plenty of programs available that offer RSS submission. The problem is that they are designed for simple syndication. This means that many of them don’t provide the best results for the tasks you need them to perform.

When RSS syndication is handled by the correct software, it will ensure that your RSS feeds provide you with excellent results. Using the right program and submitting to the right RSS directories will lead to higher search engine rankings.